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A very heart felt and gratuitous thank you to all participants
that supported me in my journey to living a Low Carb Lifestyle!

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For my husband Mike, without his Web Master skills, teaching skills and determination to see me through this,
with so much enthusiasm, support and having the patients of a Saint, this three year journey in my life
and my devotion to building a Low Carb Lifestyle website might still be unfinished!
Thank you Babe XOXO

Dad I have to thank you for always supporting me with my healthy low carb lifestyle and always seeking to gain more knowledge
of what keeps the human body ageless. Dad you are ageless, because you have never in your life giving up on something
that is important to you. I thank you for the gift of perseverance.
Thanks DAD

To my sister Elisa (also my diet Buddy), without her influence and guidance to the Atkin's Diet I would not be where I am today!
The countless long distant phone calls, Wow it was fun gabbing on and on. Thank you for your support and just being there
when I needed you!

To my sister Debbie, a Doctor of Naturopathy Healing. Years of study on bioidentical hormones and knowledge of Thyroid disease
you have helped many people including me with these issues that are easily controled with the right medicine.
Thanks for insisting I have my Thyroid checked and Hormone levels checked by my local Doctors.
You were right on it and my body, mind and spirit thanks you & luvs ya!

To my Mom, thank you for supporting me in my journey no matter what it may be!
Thanks MOM

For the genius, "the man" the late Dr. Atkins, the originator of the Low Carb Diet. The diet works, it's
healthy as your book states, and it does lower ones cholesterol, plus gives the dieter energy. I have all the Atkins's books
including the original.
A heart felt thank you to the Atkins's Team!

For the Low Carb Super Stores and Low Carb Food Manufactures, all of you have made this diet the chosen one,
because of the foods you have created in your huge kitchens, and the Low Carb Super Stores you wholesale too.
Thank you all for making this way of life a healthy and delicious one!!!!

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