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With so many sugar free sweeteners on the market it's makes one ponder the thought,
"are they made for different sweetener considerations"? I say, yes they are. I'll give you my
personal opinion on which sugar is best for baking, cooking and sweetening based on
experience and we shall see if you agree with me!

Please remember this is all about the low carb lifestyle and staying within the acceptable boundaries.
Don't worry it's a piece of cake!


low carb grocery list

First look at all the different category pages in my index and make a shopping list and then simply....
place a secure order online by choosing one of my favorite online Low Carb Super Stores!

A lot of the Low Carb Natural Sweeteners listed may be purhased at your local market, but not in the variety
that an online Low Carb Super Store will offer you.

If you love to bake you will need low carb granular sugars. The list below are my favorite
sweeteners for baking, beverages, creating home made syrups, toppers and refrigerator pies.

Sweet Leaf Sweeteners

no sugar frozen smoothies
Frozen Smoothie's made with any Atkins Shake,
fresh Berries, heavy whipping cream , a packet or 2 SweetLeaf ,
ice, and blend all ingredients in your blender.
Very Healthy and festive on anyday!!

zero calories, zero carbs sweetener packets

new low carb food and drinks

Sweetleaf Sweetener Packets 1 teaspoon = 0 NC's, 0 Calories, 0 sugar

low glycemic sweeteners

zero sugar sweeteners

sweet leaf sweeteners

SWEETLEAF 100% STEVIA TABS (drop one in your coffee or tea for sweet taste)
Sweetleaf Stevia Tablets 1 tablet = 0 NC's, 0 Calories, 0 sugar

low glycemic impact sweeteners

sugar free sweet lemon martini

sweet Leaf zero carbs zero sugar zero calories

Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia Flavor
Arrives in a pretty 2 oz Dropper Bottle & is zero net carbs, zero sugar & zero calories

Liquid Stevia Flavor, Valencia Orange
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Vanilla Creme
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Apricot Nector
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Berry
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Chocolate Raspberry
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Cinnamon
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Chocolate
Liquid Stevia Flavor, English Toffee
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Grape
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Hazelnut
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Lemon Drop
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Peppermint
Liquid Stevia Flavor, Root Beer

SweetLeaf's Liquid Stevia Flavor is all natural, zero calories, no carbs, and infinitely flavorful.
At only a penny per drop, you can easily dress up the taste of water, coffee, tea, yogurt,
cocktails, whip cream, smoothie's, ice cubes, and nearly anything else you can dream up.

Instantly add a hint of vanilla creme to your coffee (without the calorie cost of artificial flavoring syrups),
spice up your yogurt with a little Valencia Orange, effortlessly whip up some chocolate whip cream without adding any calories,
jazz up ice cubes with all-natural peppermint flavoring, add a little lemon drop to your martini,
or create healthy frozen grape-sickles.
The uses are only bound by your imagination. Add some flavor to your life!

• Convenient and economical to use
• Zero calories, carbs, and glycemic index
• A proprietary blend of all natural flavors
• Can be used in almost anything
• Great for cooking and baking
• Try it in water, tea, coffee, whip cream, yogurt, smoothie's, ice cubes, or experiment on your own

low glycemic sweeteners

sweet leaf sugar substitute

Stevia Extract Powder, 25 gram container
Liquid Stevia Clear Liquid, 120 ml perfect for low glycemic diets

low glycemic impact sweeteners

low carb chocolate cake
Delicious Cake made with Sugar Not Spoonful Replacement. Yummy!!
low carb sugar

Sugar Not™ Spoonful Sugar Replacement 1 lb. bag

All natural and zero carbs! Measures like sugar and perfect for baking. Does not
contain sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners or gluten.

low glycemic impact sweeteners

low carb cake

Splenda Granular 9.7 oz bag

This sweetener consistency is perfect for baking, but watch your portion size because
it has 1 net carb per tsp. Perfect for beverages & fruits or anything that needs a
little or a lot of sweet!

zero carb cakes
low carb cheesecake
This Cheese Cake is just another wonderful sweet suggestion you can make
with Splenda or dixiesspoonfulsugarnotreplacement! I could go on and on because the cooking variations are endless!
low carb cheesecake

zero carb cakes
Please note that sweeteners such as maltose and fructose are unacceptable sweeteners in
a low carb diet. Sugar Alcohols do not affect blood sugar levels and are accepted.
Also there are many artificial sugars on the market, but I like to stick with the natural
carb free sugar free varieties!

low carb sweetenerlow carb sweetener

I try to find new and different items to add more variety everyday and improve my sources!

low carb sweetenerlow carb sweetener


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