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From Florida to Texas you just can't beat the fresh seafood from the Gulf Of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean waters.
Fresh Meats from your local grocery or specialty stores are in abundance to keep you on track with a Low carb Lifestyle.

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Family Album: Treasured Memories from Family Photos I would like to share with you.

My Low Carb / Low Glycemic Lifestyle journey began in 2009 but I have not included before pictures only after.
I will have to try and find some pictures, because not many were taken that year!
My weight gain was sudden (one month) and it scared me, so no one was allowed to snap a picture!

I am so grateful to Dr.Robert C. Atkins, M.D.. Dr. Atkins revolutionized the way we eat and educated
the world about the affects of Carbohydrates on the Human body.In his book Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution
he writes "The absence of carbohydrate can switch one's body engine over from being a carbohydrate- burning engine
to being a fat- burning engine" and I like that because it WORKS!

Since 2009 I have made even healthier changes
to the lifestyle to benefit all who are struggling to lose weight.
I hope you enjoy these crazy pics and the little glimpse into my life
and my families life. We all live a low carb lifestyle and consume very little
sugar which comes from fresh fruits, veggies and other low glycemic index sources.

In late August we added a new puppy to our family and her name is Heidi Blu she is a rescue dog and we adore
her!There will be many pictures of her! She is a beautiful Social Butterfly,loving,funny,energetic Shepherd/rottweiler mix.

I will start with Heidi Blu Pics!

Low carb puppylow carb puppy low carb puppy Heidi Blu our Rescue Puppy
Heidi Blu from L to R / Second Row L to R
1. Her first day in her forever home! 8.8 pounds 2. Sleepy puppy!
3. Heidi Blu growing Fast! 4. Heidi Blu 10/02/2013 weighs 24 pds!

Just to let you folks know I had my hair color changed! I am now a Brunette!

Chillin' on Fort Lauderdale Beach!

    kathy and sabil
My gorgeous husband Michael!                  Me and niece Sabil outside the Famous Johnny V! 5/24/2013

My Sweet stepson Sean!

Johnny V on Las Olas
Me and Sabil walking to Las Olas Blvd. and hubby took the pix! We had so much fun while she was with us! She flew from Texas to see us!

Cade and Cason
Sabil's Boys Cade (back) and Cason (front) Cade is the first born great nephew! They are 2 serious
young boys when it comes to Sports!!

my beautiful nieces
Our beautiful nieces!! These girls are serious low carb foodies too!

MomLisa sister
Top Picture is of our beautiful Mom, Carol!  Baby sister Elissa (we nick named Boo) fishing the Gulf of Mexico! She was also my diet buddy years ago and also the one that introduced me to Atkin's Lifestyle.
I am forever grateful to her!

dad and nancy

A perfect 10 alternative health ministries
Debbie's Business Banner (sister) far right and her 3 pretty daughters!


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