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dining out low carb solutions

Anytime a Low Carb dieter eats out, you wonder if the restaurant has sides you can substitute.
They do have substitutes but you have to ask. Your the customer and the restaurant wants to please you.
Word of mouth can be the best thing for a restaurant or the worst thing.

low carb dining out

I will set up some scenerios of different situations that require a sub, and by the way,
get use to subbing it's a necessary part of the low carb lifestyle. Restaurants are getting
use to Low Carb dieters, Diabetics and people on low Glycemic diets. We all sub our food!

low carb dining out

low carb breakfast

Scenario # 1
You and a friend go out for a nice breakfast that is buffet style.
The table is loaded with high carb foods such as pancakes, waffles, syrups, fruits, muffins, and the regular
meats, eggs, Omelet Bar, seafood, fruit salads, Caesar salad, house salad with all the
Dressings and toppings and then there are desserts!
What do you do? The Brunch Buffet is 25.00 per person. Is it worth it?
or maybe......
Answer #1 - You decide to get the buffet. You may order from the omelet bar or have any of the eggs. Make sure you ask
a waiter if the chef adds a batter to his scramble eggs to thicken them. Some restaurants do and that's enough to blow the carb
count for the day. The omelet bar is a safe bet and always made fresh to order. You can have any of the meats, but know they
have a few carbs, nothing to worry over. Caesar salad is a good choice for salad because it's all green. Don't forget
Walden Farms Packet Dressings you can bring with you. If the buffet has fresh berries you may have a few. That's it
for Brunch. NO Dessert :(

Answer #2 - Order off the menu and get what you want. They will allow you to do this if you tell the waiter you have diet

low carb dining out

low carb sandwich

Scenario # 2
Lunch is easy. Make your lunch for work, like a low carb sandwich and a no carb Boar's Head pickle.
If your close to restaurants just remember the low carb rule of thumb,
no white flours, potatoes, non low carb breads or their dressings. The waiter will probably take off what you don't
want and give you some vegetables as a sub maybe. Lunches are a little tough because it's cheap and usually fast food.
I use to manage big box retail and our Mall had the best Food Court I have seen. I use to order a Taco Salad
without the flour tortilla shell and it tasted great.
Tai Chicken Salad is another choice with wasabi dressing. China foods are loaded with carbs unless it's
PF Chang's. They have wonderful low carb dishes, just ask.
If you dine at a nice restaurant for lunch you can sub with out problems and consider yourself lucky!

low carb dining out

low carb restaurants

Scenario # 3
Dining out for Dinner
Piece of cake. Nice restaurants will do anything to keep you coming back. If you see a side item
not listed under sides but with another entree, ask for it they will make an exception.
Most restaurants boast about their customer service, so let them prove it to you!

low carb dining out
Scenario # 4
You are at a Sports Bar and want to order the BBQ Ribs. Do it, but ask for a dry rub and no BBQ sauce
I bring my Walden's BBQ sauce in a tiny plastic container and it is fantastic!Tell the waitress your on low carb
restrictions and they know what you are talking about. They can sub the fry's with fresh steamed veggies or a salad.
Don't forget Walden Farms Package dressings to go!

low carb dining out

Scenario # 5
Plane Trip! Train Trip!

Let the Travel Agent know you have diet restrictions and require a low carbohydrate meal and to please
have the Airline accommodate your request. The same applies on a luxury train trip.

low carb dining out

ITEMS TO TAKE TO A RESTAURANT (depending on what your ordering)

Walden Farms Dressings in ready to serve packets = 0 net carbs
Heinz Reduced Sugar 1 tbsp = 1 net carb
Westbrae Natural unsweetened vegetarian 1 tbsp = 1 net carb
Tomato Ketchup Condiment = 0 net carbs
Smokin' Joe Jones BBQ & Dippin' Saucesugar free and 2 carbs for 2 tbsp.
Walden Farms Honey BBQ Sauce = 0 net carbs


These crackers are fantastic because you can take them with you.
I place them in a baggie and enjoy them with a salad when dining out!

Original Flavor 3 crackers= 4 net carbs
Country Onion 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Tangy Parmesan 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Zesty Italian 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Roasted Garlic 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Toasted Sesame 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Old World Rye 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Cheddar Cheese 3 crackers = 4 net carbs
Cinnamon Sugar 3 crackers = 4 net carbs

low carb dining out low carb dining out

After Dinner Workout
Enjoy a night of Dancing to the beat of the music!

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