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Hi fellow low carb lifestyle enthusiast I hope you like the Low Carb Cookbooks I have chosen as my favorites.
These recipes have the most accurate measures, are easy to prepare, taste delicious and they're pleasing to the eye.

I have my collection of regular cookbooks which I still use (and will list) because all
you need to do is change a few ingredients. You can change your favorite recipes to suit
your phase of your diet!

low carb cookbooks


My number #1 Favorite cookbook is "Eating Stella Style" by George Stella

low carb cooking
Eating Stella Style: Low-Carb Recipes for Healthy Living
George Stella made my life so happy with his fantastic, mouth watering recipes!
His Family's story is one of triumph and inspiration. I don't care how much weight
you have to lose, just know if an entire overweight family can do it, so will you !
I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for him and his family.
This cookbook features low - carb recipes for healthy living.

My number #2 favorite cookbook is "George Stella's Livin' Low Carb" by George Stella

low carb cooking recipes
George Stella's Livin' Low Carb: Family Recipes Stella StyleCooking, Food & Wine Books)
This cookbook is dedicated to the Family Life. The recipes are casual and no- fuss and all you need
is a working stove and frying pan. It sounds more like my College days of cooking, but I don't believe
this cuisine can be cooked in a popcorn maker.

All joking aside George and his (pastry chef wife, Rachel)collaborated on this book and I find it
delightful and refreshing. Thanks you two!!!

My number #3 favorite cookbook is "Atkins for Life" low- carb cookbook" by Robert C. Atkins , M.D.

Atkins for Life: The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health )
I believe in Dr. Atkins philosophy that his diet is for a lifetime unless your doctor tells you
otherwise. Please don't forget he is the genius that started this Low Carb diet CRAZE!

Atkins for Life recipes are simple and delicious. I serve the cheese biscuits with homemade soups
and Brunch. This book even has Holiday and Party Menus. That's Fantastic!
I wish I could have met Dr. Atkins & thanked him.

The number #4 favorite LC cookbook is George Stella's "Good Carb Family Cookbook" by George Stella

low carb cookbooks
George Stella's Good Carb Family CookbookHealth, Mind & Body Books)
He shares his tips on good and bad carbs and also in this book he shares his 100 all time best recipes!

Last favorite number #5 low carb cookbook is "The Good Carb Chef" by George Stella

low carb cookbooks
Real Food Real EasyLow Carb Diet Books)
George is the winner in my clubhouse for having the best low carb recipes around. They
are always fresh, original, delish, appealing and for everybody! Thank you for turning
your life around to a healthy you and creating such wonderful culinary delights in beautifully
laid out cookbooks!

low carb cookbooks

Kathy's Favorite Collection of Non Low Carb Cookbooks

I sub ingredients all the time in my recipes so click "Substitutions for any recipe" to learn how!

low carb cookbooks
Treat Yourself for the Love of My Family

Simplicity at it's best for your busy lifestyle. These recipes are so good even the children ask for them!
Most of the recipes are Low Carb and Sugar Free, but some are not. That is why I listed the book in this spot!

Written by Debbie Beavers Dr. of Naturopathy.

Debbie is also my sister and we have a surprise to be announced in 2012!
To purchase this book please email Debbie at doctordebbie10@yahoo.com or visit her web site at doctordebbie10.com

Debbie Beavers Cookbook
Congratulations on your "First Book" and may it be a success! - Sis

low carb cookbooks

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Go fishing and you will learn much about nature , get some exercise, and you'll reel in the "fresh catch of the day"!
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