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I just sat down to write a little bit about myself which I hate to do, but I think it's important
you know why I am so passionate about a Low Carb Lifestyle.

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This is a tough diet to start and stay on unless you have the resources available to you
to make your weight loss reality and keeping your tummy happy in the culinary way!
I have my favorite foods blasted all over my web site so you don't have to struggle like I did.
You will not need that wheel barrel full of self discipline because the foods you will eat
are delicious, low carb & healthy!
You can shop when it is convenient for you and then know your food will be delivered to your home
in a few short days.
This is the reason I built this web site so your low carb life is made
much easier and give you peace of mind!

low carb living

In the year 2008 I quit smoking "cold turkey".
My husband was my biggest supporter (he did not smoke).
My metabolism plummeted, I developed Hypothyroidism and my hormones tanked! All at the same time. OUCH!
I gained 17 pds in 1 1/2 months all the while cutting my calorie intake. I was gaining weight drinking
water and always starving!
That's when I took control and started exercising while cutting back on calories.
It took 3 months to lose 7 pounds and that just didn't cut it.
Have your Thyroid and Hormone levels checked if your having a trouble losing weight!
I researched online diets and read books in search of a healthy miracle diet
without much luck.
I tried everything, I thought, until my sister Lisa told me about Dr. Atkins Diet and how it works!
I purchased Atkins Advantage Book, Carb Counter pocket book, and the Daily Journal..
Now that's when my journey began.YAY!!

low carb living

Lisa was my diet Buddy then and still is.
My husband Mike does not need to diet, he's naturally thin but
he lives a low carb lifestyle because he loves the food! That makes me happy!
It took a full year for me to make my goal weight and maintain it.
I did not have the wealth of information I have provided for you on my website.
It was trial and error all the way BABY!
I have listed only items I consider the BEST low carb foods, the only source for the BEST vitamins
supplements (your choice),the BEST Workout Equipment,
Essential Oils & Aromatherapy to aide you in mind, body and soul, low carb & sugar free cookbooks, treasured recipes
and I will keep adding things that are only the BEST!
It is so important I recommend products that my family and friends would eat or prepare for themselves!

low carb living

Getting back to the Hormone and Thyroid issues they are a work in progress.
My OBGYN has recommended an Endocrinologist for my Thyroid.
Knowledge and trust is king in my book and that is why I'm telling you my story.
I am eternally grateful to my sister Debbie Beavers, a Doctor of Naturopathic Health.
It is because of her, I learned more about the health issues that relate to a slow Thyroid
and the treatment that is needed to balance it.
Debbie resides in Texas and has a practice named, "A Perfect "10" Alternative Health Ministries.

low carb living

My ordeal was a package deal.
Fix the medical issues and with the low carb diet I lost the 22 pds I needed to lose!!!
I am down to my normal size for over 3 years. I am healthier & my cholesterol is lower.
I think the only reason a Low Carb Lifestyle wouldn't work for someone is a health issue.
The Low Carbohydrate Diet is flawless and designed to work, thanks to Dr. Atkins!

low carb living

Remember the Low Carb Lifestyle is a lifetime commitment unless a Doctor tells you otherwise!

low carb living

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In my quest to make the Low Carb Lifestyle more delicious and appealing
I have created an online Cafe, full of recipes for you to
Courtesy of my visitors, family, friends and myself.
So please click my Cafe icon if you wish to journey their!

low carb living

Life is good because of you!

life is good because of you

In good health,


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