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Protein Group
Meat is a Major Source of Protein, Iron,Zinc, and B-12, FISH- Omega 3's.

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Vegetable Group
Nutritious LC Choice

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Fruit Group
Low Carb and Deliciously Sweet!

Fat Group
Healthy Fats can be Found in Olive Oil

low carb cheese

Dairy Group
Rich in Protein, Phosphorus, Vitamins A and D

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Low Carb Doesn't Mean No Carb

The truth about a low carb diet is simple. The focus is eating nutritious food, an exercise regimen and a well balanced healthy lifestyle. Getting there is all about you and your commitment to yourself! Below you'll find information to help you get fit and stay healthy.

We will begin the Food Pyramid with the Protein Group which is meat and most seafood. Meat is a major source of protein, iron, zinc and B12. Poultry, fish, beef, chicken, pork, salmon, tuna, shrimp, beans and eggs are all examples. It is recommended you have 2 to 3 servings per day. About the size of a deck of cards. I usually have a larger portion!

The Vegetable Group are plants that are pleasant to taste but are not sweet. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals so it is important to eat a wide variety. They are very low in fats and calories but cooking can often add these. I recommend steam cooking and adding garlic sautéed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Only Fibrous green vegetables in the first 2 weeks of the diet! After the initial 2 weeks try Spaghetti Squash, Cauliflower, Artichokes, Asparagus, Zuchinni, yellow squash, Bell Peppers, Jicama and lets not forget Broccoli and they're so many different variations to prepare them. Check my recipe page or send me yours and I will post it!!

Next in line on the Pyramid is the Fruit Group and they are usually sweet but sometimes tart. Fruits are low in calories and fats and are a source of natural sugars. Choose fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries these fruits are healthy atioxidants, loaded with vitamins and they are very low in net carbs!

The Fat Group is one of my favorites. The food pyramid advises that fats be consumed sparingly. Butter and oil are examples of fats. Healthy sources of fat can be found in coconut oil, olive oils, almond oil, fish, nuts, and certain fruits and vegetables, such as avocados. Almonds are one of many favorites in this group and they're one of the lowest in carbs and they come smoked, spiced, blanched, and many other ways to taste fantastic! Have you had your Almonds today?

The Dairy Group is next and are produced from the milk of mammals. They include milk, yogurt and cheese. Milk and its derivative products are a rich source of mineral calcium, but also provides protein, vitamins A and D. Dairy products are usually high in saturated fat. I recommend Almond Breeze or sugar free soy milk as a milk alternative.

We will end with the Carbohydrate Group because they are a source of energy that can be transformed into glucose,the form of sugar that is transported and used by the body, more quickly than proteins or fats. A diet too high in carbohydrates can upset the delicate balance of a bodies blood sugar level, resulting in fluctuations in energy and mood that leaves one feeling irritated and tired. Consuming sugary carbs is one example of weight gain and some serious diseases feed off sugar. Stay away from sugary carbs!

low carb low glycemic foods

Low Carb Diets have worked for generations and will only improve with age. Did you know that unsaturated fats from a natural source can actually aid in weight loss? Low Carb Diets will change the body chemistry to burn fat and will help keep your blood sugar at a steady level. This way of living healthy is designed by a Doctor and it is flawlessly healthy if you make a honest commitment to the lifestyle!

This is a healthy beginning to a healthier lifestyle and a lean and toned body.

Good luck on your journey to a new you!

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low carb low glycemic foodslow carb low glycemic foods

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